Thursday, January 07, 2016

Stop being like a frog in a well !!!

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello all....

Today I am not here to showcase any of my work....rather I want to give a small lecture to crafers who lack confidence in showcasing what they actually are good at. 
often see so many crafters here lack confidence. They are scared to display their interests...their creations,openly because they think others might consider them weird as their work is not as good as others. I’ve felt this fear when I was new and I’m guessing you’ve felt it as well.
You are a unique person with unique interests. You always come up with your creations and you always try to give your best. But you might not have right people in your life to share these interests with.
If the internet has proved anything, it’s that you’re not alone!!These days, you can find thousands of people around the world with interests similar to yours. 
Let the crowd find you !!
Doing this can be very simple, and the solution is this:....DISPLAY YOUR UNIQUE INTERESTS WHERE OTHERS CAN SEE THEM. 
Stop being like a frog in a well! 
Get out and experience and you learn!
Make it easy for people to discover you. This might be a bit scary at first but you can start small and build your way up.

Hope this lecture of mine can help u a little in finding out your own value. 


  1. Very Well said Rajni ji. Nobody starts crafting making masterpieces. In fact I cringe at the simpleton creations on my blog shared way back in 2010...the reason I still leave it on my blog is two fold
    1. I was proud of those creations back then !
    2.To encourage anyone who visits my blog to see you can start crafting with anything...none of my earlier creations hd dies, stamps or for that matter even pattern paper!!
    Dr Sonia


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