Friday, January 08, 2016

Mixed Media Frame...

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello lovely ladies....
Mixed Media Art includes all and anything you can think of! As the name says it all....its mixing of many different mediums together. It can open up a world of creativity for those also who like to make things but "Can't draw". The skills you need to get started are as simple as being able to use a pencil,scissors and glue but u really need to have a very good knowledge of handling different mediums. You can expand your skills and develop with practice,depending on which "branch" you follow. More skills of mixing paints and developing your own "artist eye" will happen as you expand your own creativity. Specific skills for particular media or art types will present themselves as you move into these areas.

Art = fun and creativity should be expressed each and every day !!
Here is another try of mine with mixed media....hope u like it. 

 Have a nice day !!!


  1. Soo it!
    Xx Ellen

  2. As usual, your work is breathtaking Rajni...Love the colours & actually everything about this frame:)

  3. So very gorgeous! All of the detail work is amazing - as are the colors! And, the photo is lovely.

  4. Its a beauty Rajni Di .. I am wonder stuck by the mixed media you have created till date :) Loved all !!


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