Thursday, August 01, 2013

One perfect day..

Posted by Rajni Chawla


The clock kept ticking.....the hours n days are going by....and one more year passed without you.

We never can just stop time. Or take moments back.
Life doesn't work that way, does it???
I still can’t believe that he is gone, and perhaps I never will. I never thought that I would be alone, and in my mind, I know that being alone is the hardest thing that I will ever have to do.
It will be completing 5 years on 7th Aug without him. My friends and family assume that I am moving on.  Little do they know that there are days when all I do is think about him, days when all I long for is to see his smile, and feel his touch just one more time.  Little do they know that after five years there are nights when I still cry myself to sleep.

AHHH !!!
 “time heals all wounds.”  I want to tell people that the wound in my heart remains open, and that time will never heal it.  But, they wouldn’t understand.  Time for me has only led to a form of acceptance.  A form of acceptance that comes and goes as it pleases, because there are days when you cannot accept the loss.  Yes, there are days when grief washes over you in uncontrollable waves of sadness.

I somewhere read.... “Our wounds run deep, our undying love is forever, and staying connected beyond the veil brings us comfort.”
Today the waves of pain are less frequent but no less intense. I cry unexpectedly and then feel better.  I’ve learned to live without him but not to forget him; to honor the memory of what was, while functioning in the world that is.

Today I am sharing this project to welcome the sadness that keeps us connected .This picture has captured a moment that has gone forever....but will always remain alive in my heart. If I could, I would live forever in this moment. But no one can live in a moment, and time moves......on.
This is my DT project for CCC Blog's Nail it down with textures Aug month challenge.Hop on to see some more fabulous creations from rest of our DT's.

Lots of textures...Multi medium ,Lyndy's sprays, many things to learn.

Most of the embellishments are handmade

Super lovely quote that suits my project and my feelings too!!!
This is Forever Memories from Technic Tuesday stamp set.

Stamped and then embossed with UTEE......really in love with it.

Now these are ready made....hun!!

Look at the yummy texture....all done with Studio Multi Medium ,Lyndy's sprays and distress paints..

 Isn't it mouthwatering???
Don't you want to try ??

Flowers....all hand made using Sun kissed fluer die n stamp set and coloured using distress inks....

All little things used in this project are available at The Craft Shop.

Hope I inspired you again.
Keep moving with love and also keep preserving your memories with your crafting.
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  1. I know that your pain will stay for ever but ... maybe that pain makes you more sensitive and more creative ... real love remains for ever <3

  2. a beautiful project ....n m speechless about the feelings entangled wid it n so eloquently written ... it gave me goosebumps....regards

  3. Rajni di, you have put your feelings in words so well. My eyes are all welled up because I can connect with you. I won't say time will heal everything, because it won't but yes we do learn to live with the hole in our hearts as time passes by. This project is beyond beautiful. I love it :)

  4. I am so sorry for your loss and I know exactly how you feel.I lost my dad to cancer last year and even though we have all moved on with our lives,there are times when my mom is going through just the same feelings.The the good news is that you learn to live with it.There will be tons of happy moments too and I know you will embrace those with open arms.The project is fabulous as usual

  5. What a wonderful layout...loved it to are always at your best...i truely understand your pain but at the same time I really admire you for being the pillar of strength for your children.
    PS... I am sorry aunty...but cant accept this entry for the challenge as it was posted yesterday before the announcement of the challenge...and according to our rule, it should be a new entry after the announcement of the challenge, as we do not allow back linking...and trust me, its our loss for not accepting such a wonderful creation...

  6. Such a lovely project Rajini. Your beautiful work shows your strong and compassionate nature.

  7. i love this one !
    rajni di ! you are a true inspiration
    we all love you !

  8. Your creation and blog post are both so heart touching..I agree with Suganthi..your work reflects your wonderful personality

    I'M ...........
    LOVE IT !

  10. Its just amazing! No one can fill that space in your life but life has to move on .

  11. This layout is beautiful, the colors go so well and there is so much detail... You did a
    wonderful job on this.. Yes you have inspired me as well... Thank you for sharing this with us...

  12. I saw this layout featured on the Heartfelt Creations Facebook page and decided to visit your blog to leave some love. Your layout is gorgeous and reflects the love you had and still have for him. All the little details are gorgeous! Everyone's pain is different and we all deal with it in ways that are best for us. What I see is the beauty that you have created from this experience and I am so happy you have chosen to share it with us. I wish you peace and happiness, which if you can find these within yourself, you will never be alone. Hugs.

  13. Your work is totally inspiring and your writing is beautiful, we never forget or stop loving the people we lose and whatever it takes to keep them close is well worth doing. This is a beautiful expression of your love and thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Superb Layout Rajni Di.....
    I already left a comment here before, but couldn't resist myself from coming back & admiring this Beauty !

    Thanks a Bunch for Playing with us at Crafters Corner !!
    Riti Poddar (DT)

  15. Another amazing work... Really need to learn a lot... :)

  16. Rajni ji your work is so stunning and like all the fellow commenter's above me I am short of word's on how beautifully you have put your emotions in your work ..Reading through your blog post has been a heart touching moment ..guess we all have that one special person whose absence in our lives really leaves a mark .I hope with time the loss you feel is lessened but at the same time your memories give you nothing but joy and happiness.Thank you so much for sharing this master piece with us.

    Thank you so much for playing along Crafter's Corner # 11 and Best of luck

  17. Wow..I love the layout and your feelings show in what you have created.
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss.Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us.

  18. Wow..I love the layout and your feelings show in what you have created.
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss.Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us.

  19. Truly a treat to eyes .. you always create magic with your hands. You put all the elements in such a way that it makes a beautiful story !! This is again one of your breathtaking creations


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