Friday, September 27, 2013

Rose Tinted Blooms...

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello all!!

I'm dedicated to my work ....and I want the best for it...really want to see it grow, and flourish, so I work hard on it....really really very
 hard !!
And I think we all do the same.
Today I'm super excited to share a wonderful news....the best birthday gift I ever got. 
My handmade paper flowers that I named Rose Tinted Blooms got featured on international blog of Joycrafts :)
Its hardly two weeks that I have been working with Joycrafts floral flourishes/flower dies and that too not mine.....borrowed from one of my student. I just got a complete set of mine three days back from Crafters Corner on a special call .Thank you Crafters Corner for such a quick supply. Though my work was already being featured on Joycrafts page on fb.....but didn't expected  being featured on their blog too.

Here are the pics of  my Rose Tinted blooms that I made with Joycrafts floral flourish/ flower 2 

Thanks Anke for featuring my work on your have really honored my creativity.



  1. Absolutely stunnning and lovely arrangement. Looks a stunner all by itself...It really reflects your passion and love for this craft. Happy Birthday and may you create more and more and inspire us to do.

  2. Grogeous flowers! So rich look! I also love how you presnet your works - photos, colors, everything!

  3. Extraordinary creation!
    Congratulations on your success and best wishes for your birthday!
    Hugs from Croatia!

  4. super Gorgeous creations, Rajni JI!!! love these! congratulations.... you deserve all the applause and success!!

  5. Needed to come and congratulate you by myself, 'cause these really look amazing! Wow! Two thumbs up for this one!

  6. very nice .....i love all ur works

  7. Congratulations on you birthday and the featuring :) Your flowers are indeed amazing, as I mentioned in the other post!

    Debbie / Daqa.

  8. Lots of congrats on getting featured on Joycrafts!
    Your flowers are super awesome!!!

    Looking forward to more and more real looking lovely flowers from you :)


  9. OMG! Your flowers are stunning. I haven't seen such gorgeous handmade flowers. Truly inspirational :)


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