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Sunshine....A Mixed Media Card

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello all...

A warm welcome again.. 

Every new morning brings new sunshine, new joy and new hopes. Someone has said correctly that everyday is a new day. But its also true that some of us get into a rut sometimes. Few days back,I was not feeling well. But I m sure that in a day or 2 I will be back to my normal crafting routine. 

I love doing mixed media and crafters around me love it too. The more often asked question by them is....What all do we need to create different textures...and Why? Do we really need to buy various accessories and pastes to build up textures as these all are quite expensive?   

My simple reply to them is NO. Mixed Media does not mean ONLY creating textures and creating variuos layers....always and using pastes and accessories. It basically means using different mediums. You can also simply create mixed media projects with various waste products also. Few days back I posted a mixed media project with scrap of chip boards. You can check the post HERE . We just need to have the basic knowledge of using different mediums while creating any Mixed Media project....and Yes textures do add beauty to ur projects. If you have them in your hands,just go ahead and use. Creativity has no boundaries at all. 

On to my today's project now!!

I created a Mixed Media card with Heartfelt Creation supplies. Here is the full view of the card. 

Have you noticed something??

The complete background is created with the scrap pieces of Heartfelt Creation Classic Sunflower Collection and  left over die-cuts of Heartfelt Creation Classic Leaf Die and a waste card stock which was deeply scored at 1/8th of an inch every-time. 

Here is a close-up for you all. 

We always tend to cut few extra die-cuts and keep for our future use. Isn't it ??
Most of us either throw the tits and bits of pattern paper thinking them as waste or keep storing them building piles of scraps. 

Check these picture now...

Can you guys guess what I have used here to create textures ?
Guess Guess !!

Nothing...simply wet the paper bits, shushed them hard between my fingers, rolled them and heat set and glued creating few layers.  Once covered with gesso and paint they are no waste pieces. Yes, if you want, you can add few glass beads and glitters and mica flakes to enhance the beauty of the project the way I did. 

Creating textures and creating different layers in Mixed Media can be a fun game. You can create many textures with the supplies that you already have in hand and are waiting for their turn to get used. I just used three  basic mixed media supplies here...Gue, Black Gesso  and  few Paints. No sprays...No fancy accessories, No pastes and No stencils. I don't say don't buy if you have budget, buy if you know the proper use of them and surely buy if they tempt you the way they tempt me always. :D
I myself gets tempted to most of all the new supplies. hehehe
I think we all are alike and rest all suppliers do their best to tempt us always. 

On to the focal image now...

Yes Yes....I m talking about this beautiful stamp by Heartfelt Creation from their Classic Sunflower Collection. The stamp set used is Sunflower Bouquet Cling Stamp Set.  I have painted it using different shades of distress inks and fussy cut and layered. For layering the image I have taken one complete image as the base image and flowers and the handle of the bucket in different layers and glued them with glue dots. The butterfly is from Sunflower Stem Cling Set

The main theme of my card moves around this beautiful hand painted and layered stamped image by Heartfelt Creation. I purposely used a frame behind the focal image to give the look of a sun and the background little dark so that bright sunflowers can pop out well. 

Hope I was clear with all instructions and supplies that I have used. All the Heartfelt Creation supplies are linked. If you still have any query regarding the project do mail me at or drop a message in comments section. I would love to reply you back asap. 

If you are new and hunting for various craft supplies at best prices in India,you can contact Meetu Aggarwal  or check her website Here  and Priya Sivaraj or check her website Here 

Hope I m able to inspire you with my creations. If you like my work and want me to see reach my goals as a Dt with Heartfelt Creations, do leave some love n vote for me. Your votes are important for me. You can check all my three creations that I submitted for semifinals in the photographs below:

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And, to vote click HERE 

Thanks for dropping by. 
Have sunshine days.....always. 
Happy Crafting !!


  1. It is really out of our imagination. Its so beautiful. And its always pleasure to just see what you create. Each piece you create will be having so many elements in it. Where every one stops, from there you start... so much detailing, so much work, so much involvement with each creation...
    Its just mind-blowing...

  2. WOW!!!! Rajni, your post is amazing and has me very excited! I've been postponing mixed media adventures, partly because of the longer, after seeing what you have done with waste and recycled bits and pieces!!!! Power on, and thank you so very much! May you be blessed in every way, for what you are doing for so many.

  3. Beautiful as always. May I ask what paints you use, just plain acrylics? Thank you.

    1. I used distress paints by ranger. Yes Any acrylic based medium will work beautiful here. Becoz I wanted to keep d background really dull....I tried avoiding any shimmers. Hope this helps.

  4. Incredibly beautiful! I would be framing it!! I love how you created the mixed media work with scraps. (I'm the one who can't bear to throw them away and keeps growing them in a pile. LOL.) I also like that you created this piece in such a small size... those big canvases quite often intimidate me... I think I need to try a smaller size... at least to start! Thank you for this wonderful post while you are still feeling unwell. Hope it's not long until you are feeling better!

  5. This is outstanding.. I love the close ups and your explanations of how you made things. So beautiful

  6. It's breathtakingly beautiful

  7. The project is so nice ... feels as if the sun himself has come to put the brightness in this much full of inspiration... I wish someday atleast some day I feel little bit similar when I see my work aswell.. u set really good goals for all.of us

  8. The project is so nice ... feels as if the sun himself has come to put the brightness in this much full of inspiration... I wish someday atleast some day I feel little bit similar when I see my work aswell.. u set really good goals for all.of us

  9. This is simply gorgeous! What a beautiful creation made with scraps! Just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all the info :)


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