Saturday, February 06, 2016

Just an inspiration today

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello all...
Today I m here not to share any of my creation here but want to share little experience of my life. It might help anyone in anyway. 

People ask me often....How can u be so positive always?? Have you ever tried to give up??
So here is my reply. 
All days are not same for everyone. Also days are not positive every time...and not negative always too.  Bad breaks don't just strike once,they strike repeatedly, until you find yourself against a plate of nachos at the end of a rough day. 
Agree or not....but this is the story of we all. I am the part of same story. Ups and downs,more downs and then slight ups...and then few higher ups. All was possible because of my positive attitude. My positivity gave me a move every time. 
Its all about taking steps. However, I have seen in my own life that each step, no matter how small, gets the momentum moving, and that's what it's all about. No step is small. Sure, certain actions will make a bigger impact than others. Obviously,bigger the step.higher is the response. 

When I first moved to Paper Crafting that too when I was in my 40's,I barely knew any crafter. But I was intentional about wanting to meet people. So I took a bunch of small steps. Introduction to facebook, Google and You-tube. Hours and hours of surfing on net. I tried saying YES to every craft that came my way. I took risk of my money and invested a gud amnt in expensive craft supplies even if I was not known to d proper use of it. Just my positive nature thinking..."Haath mein tools hongey to chala to mein apne aap loongi" ( if I get tools in my hands I will surely manage to make use of them too ). Quilling gave me a break and card making took me little more higher. And with each small step, I made more and more friends along the way. 

So when I was mot able to figure out how to create the big step, I just took the little one, followed by another. 
Though the very first step was he hardest one which took me nearly 6 months to decide. From crafting to manufacturing and from manufacturing to crafing again....loosing loved ones...with young kids n lots of health was really really tough...but not IMPOSSIBLE. 

Everything counted....every single thing!! 
Each trial counted and each failure counted too....few waiting for me to re-do. Few were appreciated by u all and few are still lying incomplete. I always try to give little reward to myself for taking that FIRST STEPS. I always give respect and reward to all the efforts that my parents take who are always there to support me when I m out for my workshops...always reward and love my kids and pets, for adjusting so well in my absence....always reward you and your likings for my creations ....your appreciations....everything things are adding up like currency. Who all left me in between my walk and who all came along....all counts. Every little thing is shifting inside me and now its building a whole new world around me. Just a small thinking of being positive and always expecting positive made me move so long.



  1. That is really an inspiration, simple and true.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. As a new crafter, I keep looking for inspirations and buying quite a few things. When I do not use something for quite sometime, I keep wondering if I'm wasting time and money. However, the joy of completing something is a super high. Your article gives me a renewed confidence. :)


Dear Reader,
Thank you for your precious comments. They are extremely valuable and a source of continuous motivation for me. I really appreciate the effort.