Monday, August 26, 2013

Be a part of my celebration....

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello all!!

To me creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen,and thinking what no one else has thought. 
To me creativity also means...... sharing. Once I posted on my wall....If u have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange our apples then u and I will still have one apple each. But if u have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. Isn't it true??

I love being creative, and could spend all my waking hours descovering and learning new things. I m always thinking of ways to  do things, writing down ideas that I would love to try. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for me to try and put all the ideas which have come to my mind to practice.Sharing creative ideas and interests with others is a great way to develop relationships to start a craft group or make new friends.
Few days back I saw that my blog reached 100 followers. Though I'm not that regular on making posts  here  but I might get regular by celebrating my first blog giveaway. I had some plans for this giveaway but not the way all do….but in my own way.  Actually I wanted to celebrate my creativity knowing that it is not just for me but to share with others and be a blessing.  I do not want to give a giveaway to one or two or more but to….....maximum. Here again, I want to be creative and do not want to restrict myself but be unique......i want to celebrate it not for a day or two but for a  long time.

I have faced lots of problems learning different arts. Making your art a mode of your earning is not at all bad but not teaching enough in return for what we are paid is bad in my eyes. I have seen people facing the same problem what I faced so many times. But now a days we are so active on net and can avoid this problem. My children introduced me to this new world of surfing net when I came back home after my surgery. I’m thankful to Neha  Jain who introduced me to this new world of paper craft and blog world. I must say it is still new to me and will always remain new as every day  I sit on net  I find something or someone new.

Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge and I’m grateful to have learnt from various crafters & artists from all around the world. I’ve learnt by studying their work, watching their tutorials and reading their thoughts. And since I believe that knowledge increases by sharing, I have decided to start posting the work and tutorials of various people from whom I have learnt on my blog.

I would love to find and answer solutions to all your queries through videos and tutorials from internet. So I want to ask you all that about which craft form or art or technique should I start posting about? You can leave a comment here or on my post on facebook to keep me updated about your queries. So be a part of my celebration and also support me to help the newbies.

I don't know if you like my way of celebrating my first blog giveaway or not.....but i m happy that i m sharing all open heartedly what all i have within me.......with no rules to follow for participation.


Rajni Chawla.


  1. Thats such a wonderful giveaway and a lovely way to celebrate...reflects the person who you are, rajiniji. I have loved your work and wish you do more and more so that amateurs like me can learn from you. Would love to know how you make your handmade flowers!
    God bless you with good health and energy to create more arty stuff!

  2. Wonderful way of celebrating! Thanks! I love your way to create the backgrounds, so thanks a lot for your previous post! looking forward to see more about this!

  3. Yes its such an amazing give away rajni aunty...thnx fr giving us this opportunity:). Would love to see diff stamping techniques and hand made flowers dat u make...dey gorgeous...


  4. Waoh thats a wonderful way to start I guess! welcome to the bloggers world & love to see ur lovely creation :) Stamping techniques, flower making & backdrops are a treat in ur creations would love to learn them from u!

  5. Wooow... This is awesome way to celebrate and share.... I always say "Share your living.." with all my wishes... but may be i share wat i can ... sharing!!! its a great way which i strongly believe... u have written it wonderfully.... i totally love u for this....

    what i love to see from you is background creation techniques... and ofcourse some stamping techniques too...

    Happy Crafting!!!

  6. love your 'no rules for participation ' clause!!

  7. such a heart touching thought ... a precious giveaway indeed.....
    thx a lot....

  8. Super.....sharing is a beautiful gives new crafters like me to learn n try new things...will be eagerly waiting for any tutorials from are an awesome crafter and will have lots to learn from you. Thanks a lot...

    Indu Jaisimha
    Kanasu Art

  9. Rajni ji as you said the internet is a haven to learn and be inspired especially for art and craft lovers like me for whom it is impossible due to family and work reasons to go to a teacher and learn! About your own tutorials--you dont have to be as skilled as your son to take tutorial photos. Dont use his complicated camera..just use a simple digital camera and put it on an auto or closeup mode and shoot the step by step photos! You can always get your son to edit it for you and of course get him to take the fab photo of the end result!
    I was also thinking it will be so time consuming for you to visit the authors of tutorials to ask for permission to post their pictorials!
    Ha Ha I know I am bugging you and lemme see if I can garner enough support to get you to make tutorials for some of your amazing techniques!!

  10. thats great rajini mam, nobody could thing of such a giveaway, i would love to see all the tutorial of your creations. greedy :P

  11. I am waiting to learn from you mam. All your works are unique so as your giveaway. Congratulations.

  12. Wow...Such a nice n thoughtful idea to celebrate the blogoversary.....!! Many congratulations.....!! There is no other better way to share the happiness.....sharing knowledge is are a genius crafter n learning from u ll be pleasure of waiting to learn from you....!! thanks for this lovely giveaway...!!!

  13. Rajaniji. ?.its a gr8 to learn your stamping, distressing, flowers and bg techniques...but you start from where ever or whatever., iam ready and waiting to learn.

  14. Congratulations Rajniji..Your way of giveaway is as unique as you are..I always admire your projects and they are just always awesome..we all learn from some other source and internet is the most common of them but when we do things we incorporate our style in that and thats what I love about give that extra touch to your projects..specially love your flowers and inking techniques..would love if you share some tips.

  15. fantabulous thought .love your inking technique and your selection of colours to projects ...that blending mixing and finally lovely outcome ..wanna learn ,thanks if you share your tips on this.

  16. Such a generous way to celebrate a giveaway.... Hope we will be able to get more from you...

  17. It will be a pleasure to celebrate with you. I appreciate your generosity and advice. I wish you lots of success and blessings.
    Hugs from Chile

  18. I am honored RJ that u mentioned me here :)
    It was actually a co incidence ;)
    but u are so generous to give all the credit to me always :)
    Love u :)

  19. there can not be a better giveaway than this which is so warm and thoughtful
    i couldnt have taken craft seriously if you would not have taught me
    and without even knowing u are one person who inspire so many lives for that you have come this far i wish u always shine like a bright diamond


  20. Wow!! Rajni Ji! what a fabulous and graceful way to celebrate! When I look at you I feel that if you wish to learn something wholeheartedly there's nothing which can stop you. You are surely an inspiration for all of us and we are fortunate to learn soo many things from you :) May god grant all your wishes!


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