Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"We are the perfect blend"

Posted by Rajni Chawla

Hello everyone!!

I'm here again to show u what all i m busy creating these days with alcohol inks. Since Holi is approaching and i m too playing with lots of bright colors i thought of making something to co-relate with the same.

 This card will show u how clear n transparant these inks are.You won't believe i have used more then 6 colors in creating this background.
Again simple steps to work with these inks.I have used OHP transprency sheet for this project.

  • Squeeze two or three colors of AdirondackAlcohol Ink on an Ink Applicator.
  • Dab onto the transparency, covering the entire area with color. Allow to dry.
  • Dab second layer with another three different colours with the help of ink applicator and this time use ink blending solution.Dab again n again to get blotchy effect and let it dry on it own.
  • Once the surface is completely dry add few drops of some bright color and without wasting any time blow with a straw.The inks have flowing consistency due to which it will run with pressure.
  • Attach the Transparency over the glossy paper.

Now you can design your card according to your theme.Here i have made a rossette with Ms Double LoopPunch and placed a pretty mulberry flower on top.For the tiny butterflies i have used the same inking technique,but on glossy paper this time.

Note.....A very very special tip for all those who have these inks but are not able to use them because either they don't have Alchohol blending solution or those who feel expensive using it.This is the tip i got from a wonderful friend,a wonderful crafter who runs craft online classes.she is Varah Musavvir.I must say she is a wonderful teacher Thanks a lot Varah it was great fun learning at ur classes.
Now on to the tip...
Just open your cupboard and try using your inks with your nail polish remover.Those who don't have it can get Wembley's thinner from a hardware shop.Trust me it worked wonders for me.With this i want to add that results with Alchohol blending solution are much better.Those who want to spend can add that only but my pocket allows me to add new shades of these colours rather than to buy blending solution.So the decision is left to you.

All supplies used are easily available at Imaginations,the premium craft supply store.U can also find us on facebook for latest updates.

Please feel free to ask questions....i think i learn more by answering your questions.

Hugs :)


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Rajni! I love the colours, the rosette looks amazing!

    1. I told u i am a great admirer of ur work Erum...just trying to follow u :P

  2. Wow, its a beautiful creation. I had bought alcohol inks from Imaginations store long back..what a great inspiration to put them to use. TFS :)

  3. This is outstanding. The stuff you create from these products is quite amazing!
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

  4. Heyy, the store you mentioned above. Do they actually deliver the stuff? I mean they aren't faking it right?

  5. Hi..Kanza
    I think u have skipped clicking to the link.The store mentioned above is a reputed online store in India and i have already linked to their website and their facebook profile.Here is the link again for u...

    But sorry to say something dear...when i clicked to ur blog adress i din't find anything...:P

  6. @Kanza Hasan: I can understand your doubt because you have never ordered with us. Don't worry, if you need testimony then there will be 100s of crafters who can assure you that Imaginations live up to its promises. If you ever have doubt feel free to contact us at the contact number provided on our website.

  7. @Rajini Chawla: Thanks a lot for your support and trust.

  8. Awesome card. Lovely use of punch to create the rossette.

    Thanks for joining us at Lulupu Challenge #9 - Splash of Colors

    Indira Tanwar
    DT - Lulupu Blog

  9. I am tired of saying gorgeous for every entry,so going to change it up.Spellbinding is my word for this.:-).Thank you so much for the tip.I will try it out.I also endorse Imaginations.Have always had a great shopping experience there.

  10. Beautiful!!
    Love your crafts and your blog!
    Regards :)

    Check out my blog, I hope you like it :


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